Hanami Winx Club beautiful art

Miyaou art is bright, gentle and so sparkling. We would like to introduce you to a Hanami Winx series of Miyaou's works. In these pictures, the Winx are participating in the Hanami Festival and are dressed in traditional Japanese outfits. And also for each of the Winx the author picked up a particular flower of sakura or cherry blossom.

Hanami Bloom with yamazakura
The Yamazakura's red leaves develop at the same time as the blossoms. My opinion the leaves looks like fire which is Bloom's power. I hope you will like this collection.
Winx Hanami Bloom

Stella with ukon cherry blossom
I choose this unusual type because Ukon have light yellow color.

Winx Hanami Stella

Flora with Kawazuzakura
Winx Hanami Flora

Layla/Aisha with Kanzan blossoms

Musa with kanhizakura cherry blossom

Winx Hanami Musa

Techna with Shidarezakura
Winx Hanami Tecna

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