Short haired and adult Miraculous Ladybug

Perhaps you are surprised at the number of similar works with Miraculous Ladybug with a short haircut, painted in the same style. Do not be surprised, it all started with the fact that Thomas Astruc (director, screenwriter and producer of the animated series) in his twitter published his sketches with the design of different versions of the adult Ladybug.
Adult Ladybug by Thomas Astruc

This idea was very much liked by the fans of the cartoon. And now it is already possible to collect a whole collection of illustrations from the adult Ladybug. And yes, in all the pictures she has short hair precisely because Thomas Astruc drew her with a short hairdo.

Adult Miraculous LadybugAdult Miraculous Ladybug

Grown-up LadybugGrown-up Ladybug

Short haired and adult Miraculous Ladybug

Adult Ladybug with yo yoAdult Ladybug with yo yo

Adult miraculous ladybug in tomas astruc desighn

Adult Ladybug and Cat NoirAdult Ladybug and Cat Noir

Short haired LadybugShort haired Ladybug

Another adult LadybugAnother adult Ladybug

Adult Ladybug in 3dAdult Ladybug in 3d

Adult Ladybug gif

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