Rainbow High Winter Wonderland dolls 2024

Meet Rainbow High Winter Wonderland dolls collection! With 4 dolls to collect and really cool winter outfits, that contain "magical snow" that transforms doll's outfits and make them more puffy and colorful. Even though this is a winter collection of dolls their outfits don't look sporty. On the contrary, most of the dolls have feminine, elegant outfits with skirts. Skyler has this skirt with a mermaid silhouette, Sunny has a stylish mini, and Bella has a gorgeous plump long skirt with ruffles. Each doll comes with a bag, accessories and a pet.

Rainbow High Winter Wonderland Skyler doll

Rainbow High Winter Wonderland Sunny doll

Rainbow High Winter Wonderland Violet doll

Rainbow High Winter Wonderland Bella doll

Get ready for the snowfall! The Rainbow High Winter Wonderland dolls' snowy outfits don't just look great, they also they also contain magical snow that transforms the dolls' looks. Just add water to the folds of the dress and watch as the outfits become lush and take on different colors. You can transform the outfits over and over again!
Main Features:
4 dolls in the collection
The set includes a doll in a winter outfit with accessories.
Magic snow is packed in different parts of each doll's outfit. Using the included dropper, add a few drops of water to the magic snow to transform the outfit, watch as the "snow" swells and reveals new colors.
BONUS: make your own snowman out of snow (kinetic sand) and fun accessories (included in the set)
Long stitched hair in stylish hairstyles, 11 points of articulation.

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