LOL Surprise Fashion Fun panini new stiker album

Panini’s brand new LOL SURPRISE Sticker & Card Collection FASHION FUN is here! Storming down the catwalk with 204 super stylish stickers to collect, it’s bright and sassy, with a dash of bling! Our favourite B.Bs come to life with GLITTER, FABRIC, and super SCRATCH ‘N’ REVEAL stickers, plus there are 50 cute #NAPTIME game cards to collect into their own buildable box.
In some countries, this collection came out without cards. In the UK and Italy the cards definitely go with the stickers.

You can get LOL Surprise Fashion Fun sticker album and stikers: here

Some of the stickers has scratch-layer, so you you'll need a coin to erase the scratch layer and open the image.

LOL Surprise Fashion Fun panini new stiker album

In album you will alsa find games, coloring, activities to have fun, in a beautiful album to complete with 204 super stickers including 24 glitter, 18 fabric, and 18 scratch stickers for even more surprises.

Unboxing video:

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