Comfy Princess Capers 2 picture book in one

The RH Disney is releasing new picture book about Disney Princess Comf Squad in spring 2021 - the Comfy Princess Capers

You can get it here:

Comfy Princess Capers book

Comfy Princess Capers
Comfy Princess Capers
Comfy Princess Capers

In the Internet, the avatars of the Disney princesses and Frozen's Anna and Elsa are rulers of, leading sing-alongs and participating in quizzes and games. But all that changed when Vanellope von Schweetz rushed into their dressing room! Now, the princesses and their new friend explore the Internet, and occasionally save it, too! From using their skills to save the day to learning to drive racecars in Slaughter Race, this girl squad is always on an action-packed adventure!

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