All about Winx Club reboot

With this news we want to start the Winx Club reboot masterpost, where we will post information about new season, new transformation and outfits, characters and all other important info.

New info about Winx Club reboot 2025 from New York Comic Con 2023
The reboot will feature the same characters fans know and love with a new CGI look. “Winx Club means a lot to me — it’s the story I created many years ago and still today after 20 years it brings emotions to millions of viewers around the world and so I always had a special connection with Winx and with the fans,” Straffi says. “We will continue to keep the story interesting and alive for many, many years. It will definitely be something in the DNA of Winx but also totally new in terms of graphics and animation.”
The series will be created for original fans to enjoy while also giving new fans a chance to discover the world of Winx. Most importantly, the new series will stay true to certain themes that made the original series popular among viewers. As such, fans can expect to see the same multi-cultural, diverse set of powerful women leading the action in high fashion. “We recently realized that the boys and girls from 20 years ago are still fans of Winx today. We realized this is the moment to not only concentrate on young girls but also this audience of 20 to 25-year-olds,” says Valeria Gulli, International Marketing Manager at Rainbow. “We are also really proud to be one of the first brands to launch a multi-ethnic group of girlfriends and we are really proud that the Winx always saves themselves and often they don’t need a Prince Charming. They even save their boyfriends too, so they can make it on their own and don’t need anybody. That’s their power and we’re really proud of this.”

New Banner with Bloom from reboot
All about Winx Club reboot

Two new artworks of the Winx Club reboot from "Milano Licensing Day"
Two new artworks of the Winx Club reboot from "Milano Licensing Day"
Two new artworks of the Winx Club reboot from "Milano Licensing Day"
Two new artworks of the Winx Club reboot from "Milano Licensing Day"

Picture with better quality from Winx Powers
Winx Club reboot picture of fairies

"Rainbow" and a representative of "WinxForeverItalia" about the reboot of the animated series "The Winx Club":

WCFI: "The updated Fairies made a good impression. But we had a question why the poster shows the black circle mages. If this is a reboot, shouldn't we have seen Trix?

Rainbow: "We are very pleased to hear that the fans liked the fairies. Our goal was to modernize the fairies as much as possible while maintaining their unique features of the original animated series. Also, the goal of the reboot was not to pass the original in one step. The Winx in the reboot have known each other from the beginning, which is why Leila shows up here. It's just a new story."

New banners with Winx from the upcoming Winx Club reboot! There is Ogron from Wizards of the Black Circle and Bloom in new fairy Charmix outfit.
Winx Club reboot new images
Winx Club reboot new images
Winx Club reboot new images
Winx Club reboot new images
Winx Club reboot new images
Winx Club reboot new images

Thanks to @itsrobs!
An update from Inginio Straffi himself:
"To celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary, a reboot is in production: it will begin with the origins of the saga, but the format, animation and story will be completely updated."

"In the reboot, we started from scratch to show a new generation the real essence of the Winx from the first three seasons... There will also be big secrets revealed that have never been revealed. It will all start from the beginning and the creation of the Winx Club. The relaunch will surprise you and will have nothing to do with the previous seasons. The premiere is scheduled for 2024, but because we will have a great deal with a major company that will release the project worldwide, the animated series will be dubbed into more than 40 languages, and that may take some time, so the release will probably be delayed by a few months, so you may see in 2025."

"There is already a story ready for a movie with live actors, but so far the production proposals have been low-budget, and the result would have been a film with low special effects, focusing more on the psychology of the characters: for my Winx I would like something impressive instead. Now we're waiting to hear back from a Hollywood producer, but there's no rush: this kind of production can sometimes take years."

"The audience has clearly enriched, the first fans are already in their thirties, and teenagers have joined them as well. Compared to the beginning, things have changed: today there is no longer a clear predominance of the female audience, because, there is also a lot of fan community on the male side."

Winx fairies in updated casual outfits from the upcoming reboot.
Iginio Straffi commented on these banners
"This image is very close to what the new Winx from the reboot will look like, but the final version, which can't be shown yet, is even better! Also, there will definitely be Tecna!"
Winx Club reboot

Winx Reboot outfits

Thanks to Winx-Club Luci-Amp-Ombre

It is not known if the images below are really transformations from the reboot, or if they are just new artwork for presentations and Kinder Surprise.

One more photo of Winx in new(old) transformation

New pictures of Bloom, Stella and Flora in Winx Club transformation from Winx Club Easter 2023 Grand Kinder Surprise.
Pictures from Latte e Cartoni
Winx Club reboot
Winx Club reboot
Winx Club reboot
Winx Club reboot

Winx Club season 9 stand from Brand Licensing Europe 2021
Judging from this photo, the photo with the information that Winx season 9 will be a reboot is true. As you can see, the fairies here are depicted in a new basic transformation.
Winx Club season 9 stand from Brand Licensing Europe 2021

Bloom and Stella in new basic transformation from season 9
Winx Club 9 season Bloom and Stella transformation

One more new official image from the exhibition.
Winx Club 9 season new picture

Season 9's slogan is "More Magical Than Ever".

According to this new screenshot 9 season of Winx Club will be reboot of the series!

This is official image that was presented on the 78th annual Venice International Film Festival.

Winx Club Season 9 transformation

Here you can see Iginio Straffi himself and posters panel on the left with new picture. There were no trailer. So far we only have this first image.

Winx Club 9 season picture

It is very interesting that all new promo materials with Winx are made in 3D style of old movies and art.
These are the promotional artwork on the boxes with the new dolls. Maybe they're teases fairies new looks from season 9.

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