Set Yourself Free - new Song from Tangled: The Series the Secret of the Sun Drop

Tangled the series “Set Yourself Free” song lyrics:

Locked inside a tower
Kept behind a wall
Sheltered from a world you’ve barely known
That’s the way they treat you
And what’s worst of all
Who’s to blame? Just you and you alone

There’s much more inside of you than anyone can see
And now the choice is yours
Life waits beyond the doors
So step on through, the time has come
And only you can set yourself free!

No one else can tell you what to do
Or who to be!
No one gets to say if you will stay or go

So use the gifts you’re given
Make the world your own
Look inside your heart and find the key
And set yourself free

Bound up by your worries
Trapped by your mistakes
Forced to play a role you never chose
Why not test your limits?
You’ve got what it takes
Let it out and follow where it goes

No more letting someone else define you to a tee
You know that you are strong
You’ve known it all along
So seize the day, let down your hair
You’ll find a way to set yourself free!

Now it’s up to you and what you’ll do
And who you’ll be
You get to decide how far and wide you go

So look to the horizon
Open up your wings!
Fly away to find your destiny
And set yourself free

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