Totally Spies Season 7 characters bio

After an absence of 11 years, the French franchise will be back on Gulli every Sunday at 10:40 a.m., starting May 12. Breathtaking adventures, charismatic new characters and a resurgence of girl power are in store. The Spies are back on Gulli for a spectacular seventh season, and this time they're taking Singapore by storm! Hold on tight for a season packed with news, twists and high-tech gadgets, as our favorite Spies are back and ready to save the world once again.
Here are first official character biographies of Totally Spies Season 7 characters: Jerry, Mandy, Zerlina, Toby and Cyberchac. Yes, Mandy is back!
The text is not perfect as it is a machine translation from French.
Totally Spies Season 7 characters bio
Totally Spies Season 7 characters bio

After leading the Woohp for many years, Jerry is now happily retired, well that might have been the case if his successor had not been Zerlina, his daughter, at the head of the most secret spy agency in the world.
So just because Jerry resigned as spy chief doesn't mean he's completely out of the game. He now works as a consultant at Woohp World, and above all he loves going to the agency to monitor his favorite spies and pop into Zerlina's office.

Quite a twist of fate, the Spies' sworn enemy, Mandy, attends the same school in Singapore... Why? Because there was no way girls were having fun without her.
Although the Spies will never admit it, they sometimes find in Mandy's annoying shenanigans a
comforting memory of home, that is... until Mandy comes back into their daily lives!

A woman of the world, full of spirit, she is simply fabulous! Now at the head of Woohp, she was an obvious choice for this position, no offense to Jerry, her father, who hoped for a much less dangerous career for his offspring
A consummate professional, she lets her badass side shine when she crosses Singapore on her motorbike.

Very original, he is the guru of gadgets, he creates all those of Woohp in his Fab Lab. Toby not only distributes gadgets to Sam, Clover and Alex before their missions, but he also ensures the proper use and after-sales service of the toys! Girls love his unconventional side and especially his ability to constantly solve all their problems!

The masked super-villain is a high-tech genius who unleashes all kinds of new technology on Singapore in order to find out where Woohp
World is and enter it. If the girls manage to stop him, they are frustrated not knowing who is behind the emoji face mask, nor knowing its exact purpose! Is Cyberchac looking to destroy the Woohp World or does he want to take over and lead his own organization of super-villains.

Original pictures with text in French.

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