LOL OMG Fashion Design Studio - DIY Create Your Own Outfits for OMG dolls

You can Sketch Designs,Trace & Sew them with this new LOL OMG Fashion Studio set by Horizon Group.
Now you can make your own outfits for LOL OMG dolls!
You can get it here:

LOL OMG Fashion Studio new clothes

BECOME AN L.O.L. SURPRISE! O.M.G. FASHION DESIGNER: With the L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Studio, you have everything you need to design super fierce looks for your favorite glamazons — from an inspiration-filled fashion sketchbook to woven fabrics, needles, thread, and even a real dress form!
REAL FABRIC, PINS & THREADS INCLUDED: Once you’ve colored and sketched your designs, follow the instructions to learn how to bring them to life! Trace your designs onto the fabrics using the templates, then cut the fabric with the included scissors, and sew them all together with the needle and thread! This set includes fully-illustrated instructions to make it easy for first-time designers to learn how to sew.
FIND 15 FAB SURPRISES: Get ready for unstoppable glam! Open up the blind bags to find everything you need to create next-level looks, like surprise temporary tattoos, a glow-in-the-dark bracelet, pony tail holder, nail file, and more!

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