Barbie Holiday dolls 2021

New Winter 2021 Holiday dolls are on the way! They will be released on June 1, 2021. First doll is already available for pre-order and we have a first look on new design of Barbie 2021 Holiday dolls.
Doll has a Kira face mold. And is dressed in elegant silver ballgown. Her torso apparently made of plastic and we got a combination of incredibly elegant "armor" top and airy "marble" bottom.
Barbie Holdays 2021 doll
Barbie Holdays 2021 doll

Barbie Holdays 2021 doll

There will be 3 dolls in collection as always.

Here is first look at Barbie Holiday 2021 AA and Brunette doll
Barbie Holdays 2021 dolls
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