New Winx Club reboot dolls 2025

Rainbow Studios has announced that its new CGI-animated “Winx Club” reboot series is expected to be premiered on Netflix globally in 2025. The news is accompanied by the appointment of Playmates Toys (Miraculous Ladybug dolls manufacturer) and Giochi Preziosi as master toy partners for a vast new line of Winx Club toys.
This strategic partnership opens an era for a new generation of children and the fandom global that has followed the franchise since the premiere
of its first animated season in 2004.
Giochi Preziosi will manage sales in Europe and the UK, Playmates Toys in North, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and South Africa.
Longtime business partners Playmates and Giochi Preziosi will share the global distribution of a new collection of fashion dolls, accessories, role-playing toys and playsets inspired by the new series.

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Sweet Suite Toy Show 2023 was held the other day and there was a Winx Club booth there. The team in attendance told that there is a huge Winx Club comeback planned in the US next year and they are very excited. Expect brand new Winx Club dolls from a brand new manufacturer (not Witty Toys). The new dolls will be different from the ones we've seen before. Will be sold in the US, Canada and other countries.
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