New Barbie Dream House doll house 2020

Barbie Dream House 2020 - new doll house for Barbie dolls

Barbie Dreamhouse 2020Barbie Dreamhouse 2020

The Barbie Dreamhouse 2020 is an impressive 90 cm tall and 120 cm wide and offers 3 floors with 8 rooms, play facilities from all sides, a working elevator and a pool with slide. The doll's house, which is richly detailed, encourages children to develop their imagination and create their own dream home.
The dreamlike play possibilities include a functioning elevator with room for 4 dolls or a doll in a wheelchair, a new office, a carport and a pool on the first floor with a slide from the floor above - for real bathing fun the pool can even be filled with water!

Barbie Dreamhouse 2020Barbie Dreamhouse 2020

Lights and sounds create an authentic atmosphere and encourage role play: When the pan is placed on the stove, a sizzling sound is heard at the push of a button; a whistle sounds at the tea kettle; the oven lamp lights up when the oven door is open; the timer can be turned and produces a real ticking sound; and the toilet makes a flushing sound at the push of a button.

Barbie Dreamhouse 2020Barbie Dreamhouse 2020

With the convertible furniture there is even more fun to play with: The sofa becomes a bunk bed and the coffee table becomes Chelsea's crib (doll sold separately); the cosy corner with fireplace can be transformed into Barbie's office in no time at all; the kitchen unit has a barbecue grill and shelf on one side and an oven and recycling bin on the other; and the back of the fridge serves as a cooling unit for food outside.

Barbie Dreamhouse 2020Barbie Dreamhouse 2020

Numerous other accessories - the Barbie Dream House contains a total of 70 accessories - allow children to live out their creativity and provide material for endless stories. Accessories with handles are ideal for role-playing and the practical plug-in system keeps everything in its place while playing.
Barbie Dreamhouse 2020Barbie Dreamhouse 2020

Barbie Dreamhouse 2020 doll house release date isn'y known yet. We will provide you with links when it will be released.

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