Did you know that the Barbie has a surname?

Twitter users were surprised too. It turns out, Barbie - this is not just a reduction from Barbara. The most famous doll in the world has a full name, which, incidentally, it had from the very beginning, just a few people knew about it. Therefore, when on the Day of Siblings in America, the official doll account published a post with the name and surname of Barbie, many users were in shock.
Barbie surname

It turned out, that full Barbie name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. In 1959, this name was coined by the co-founder of Mattel Ruth Handler. The name Barbara arose in honor of her daughter, and the second name and surname - by themselves. But over time, of course, all began to use only the reduction of Barbie.

Many Twitter users who, as children, enjoyed playing with this doll, were shocked by the fact that she had such a long name. Some thought that the surname of Barbie was "Doll", some did not even think that the toy may have a surname. Well, now you can safely tell that you are going to the store for a new Miss Roberts, no matter how strange it may sound.

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