Let's Call Her Barbie book

Barbie is born in this bold new novel by USA today bestselling Renée Rosen.
When Ruth Handler walks into the boardroom of the toy company she co-founded and pitches her idea for a doll unlike any other, she knows what she’s setting in motion. It might just take the world a moment to catch up.

In 1956, the only dolls on the market for little girls let them pretend to be mothers. Ruth’s vision for a figure shaped like a grown woman and outfitted in an enviable wardrobe will let them dream they can be anything.

As Ruth assembles her team of creative rebels—head engineer Jack Ryan who hides his deepest secrets behind his genius and designers Charlotte Johnson and Stevie Klein, who’s hopes and dreams rest on the success of Barbie’s fashion—she knows they’re working against a ticking clock to get this wild idea off the ground.
In the decades to come—through soaring heights and devastating personal lows, public scandals and private tensions— each of them will have to decide how tightly to hold on to their creation. Because Barbie has never been just a doll—she’s a legacy.
Release date: January 21, 2025
You can pre-order it here: https://amzn.to/3K2Ooc0

Let's Call Her Barbie book

Quote from the author:
I’ve been waiting months for this day to arrive so I can finally share the cover for my new novel, Let’s Call Her Barbie. Before the Barbie movie came out and Barbiemania took hold, I was working away on this novel about how Barbie came to be. It’s a surprisingly feminist story and it’s one that I’ve been obsessed with for years.
Let’s Call Her Barbie is filled with an ensemble cast of creative rebels, innovators, and lots of juicy scandals. It goes on sale January 21 but you can preorder your copy now

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