Rainbow High Rainbow Vision Finale

Rainbow High Rainbow Vision Finale is finally here!

Episode 18

The finals were ICONIC! Sabrina St. Cloud gave a showstopping solo performance but will the judges approve of her gutsy move and let her compete? The pressure is on and the Royal Three are out to prove that they deserve the Rainbow Vision title!

Episode 17

Neon Shadow and The Royal Three gave outstanding performances in the Rainbow Vision Finals! Now it's time for the Rainbow Divas to perform, but they're nowhere to be found! Does this mean the band is breaking up for good? Will this ruin their chances of winning Rainbow Vision?

Episode 16

Neon Shadow from Shadow High, Rainbow Divas from Rainbow High, and The Royal Three from Seoul Select are this year's Rainbow Vision Finalists! There is a LOT happening before the first performance. Rumor has it, the Rainbow Divas are breaking up! Could it really be true? Meanwhile Avery and Ainsley have made up and are once again working together to stop the twins from meddling in the first performance.

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