Disney Princess in swimsuits with real backgrounds

Disney Princess in swimsuits with real backgrounds looks like summer cards we dream about. They were drawn by a talented illustrator from Kiev Daria Artemyev. Daria is 24 years old and she works as a freelancer. An interesting feature of Darya's drawings is the combination of photo backgrounds and painted characters.
Today we would like to show a series of her works with Disney Princess in swimsuits.

1. Ariel in swimsuit
Disney Princess Ariel in swimsuitDisney Princess Ariel in swimsuit

2. Belle in swimsuit
Disney Princess Belle in swimsuitDisney Princess Belle in swimsuit

3. Cinderella in swimsuit
Disney Princess Cinderella  in swimsuit

4. Pocahontas in swimsuit
Disney Princess Pocahontas in swimsuitDisney Princess Pocahontas in swimsuit

5. Jasmin in swimsuit
Disney Princess Jasmin in swimsuitDisney Princess Jasmin in swimsuit

6. Aurora in swimsuit
Disney Princess Aurora in swimsuitDisney Princess Aurora in swimsuit

7. Rapunze in swimsuitl
Disney Princess Rapunze in swimsuitDisney Princess Rapunze in swimsuit

8. Snow White in swimsuit
Disney Princess Snow White in swimsuitDisney Princess Snow White in swimsuit

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