Disney Princess in anime style

The artist Giulliano Ricchi created a series of paintings depicting Disney Princesses in an anime style. And he very graciously combined his works with the original official artworks of each of the princesses, so that we could easily see the differences and similarities in his drawings.
The fairest one of all.
Snow White in anime styleSnow White in anime style

The one who's ever gentle and kind
Cinderella in anime styleCinderella in anime style

The most wondrous fair
Aurora Sleaping Beauty in anime styleAurora Sleaping Beauty in anime style

One naive yet determined maiden
Ariel in anime styleAriel in anime style

One feisty and rebellious lady
Princess Jasmine in anime stylePrincess Jasmine in anime style

The one that's intelligent and undeniably beautiful
Belle in anime styleBelle in anime style

The one who paints with all the colors of the wind

Pocahontas in anime stylePocahontas in anime style

The flower that blooms in adversity
Mulan in anime styleMulan in anime style

One persistently hard working woman
Tiana in anime styleTiana in anime style

The lost Princess
Rapunzel in anime styleRapunzel in anime style

One brave and daring lass
Merida Brave in anime styleMerida Brave in anime style

Source: giucchi

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