Star vs. The Forces of Evil 4 season March episodes synopses

We now have the plots for all the episodes airing in March, except for Curse of The Blood Moon

Moon Remembers (ep.3A)
Moon is back, and Star wants to find the perfect time to tell her about Globgor

Swim Suit (ep.3B)
Star and Marco plan their beach day, but Eclipsa needs Star’s help with an unexpected problem.

Ransomgram (ep.4A)
Star and Marco work together to rescue Marco’s friend from a strange demon.

Lake House Fever (ep.4B)
Star turns an unfortunate time at Tom’s family’s lake house into an exciting excursion.

Yada Yada Berries (ep.5A)
Star and Marco act like amteur detectives as they open an investigation into who is responsible for trying to transform Eclipsa into stone.

Down By the River (ep.5B)
Moon and River attempt to get used to their new lives after they gave up their crowns.

The Pony Head Show! (ep.6A)
Star asks for Ponyhead’s help to increase Eclipsa’s popularity.

Surviving The Spiderbites (ep.6B)
Star tries to keep the Spider Bites family occupied while Eclipsa runs late for dinner.

Out Of Business (ep.7A)
Star, Marco and Janna want to take full advantage of Quest Buy’s Going Out of Business Sale.

Kelly’s World (ep.7B)
Marco and Kelly risk life and limb to return a library book before it’s overdue.

Moments from some of the episodes can be found in this promo

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