Barbie Extra Minis dolls

Barbie Extra fashion style comes in all versions of dolls, including Barbie Extra Minis dolls starting from 2022.
Barbie Extra Minis dolls are cute little sisters of Barbie Extra dolls, and are about half of their size. However, the outfits of these little dolls remain truly unusual, fashionable, and stylish.
Dolls has long colorful hair and comes on small but full articulated bodies.

There are 4 dolls in Barbie Extra Minis series 1 collection.
Here is first look on Barbie Extra Minis doll:
Barbie Minis doll

This doll comes as part of Barbie Extra Pets & Minis Playset that you can get here

In real life photos:
Barbie Extra minis

Barbie Extra Minis doll
Barbie Extra Minis doll
Barbie Extra Minis doll

Thanks doll_daze, Zombiexcorn,

Release date: December 2021
Price: $19.99
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