Miraculous Ladybug Paris Heroez Eiffel Tower Playset

According to the Toybook Playmates Toys‘ ZAG Heroez Miraculous line expands this summer with the towering, four-foot-tall Miraculous Ladybug Paris Heroez Playset. Designed as Eiffel Tower offers multiple floors and environments for play and display.
Miraculous Ladybug Paris Heroez Eiffel Tower Playset

The three-floor playset serves as a hero headquarters for ZAG‘s Miraculous Parisian Heroez and features a ground-floor Parisian park, a second-floor restaurant and surprise balcony, a working elevator, a third-floor zipline, four pop-out shops, 40 accessories, and more. The set will hit retail in July with a $149.99 MSRP.

Additionally, Playmates Toys will showcase its full 2024 lineup of Miraculous Heroez products in London and Nuremberg, including the Miraculous Hero Switch Ladybug Fashion Doll to its mainline fashion doll assortment.
Source: Toybook

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