LOL Surprise Remix Pets – all about new pets collection 2020

Meet new L.O.L.pets collection named LOL Surprise Remix Pets series 1.

LOL Surprise Remix Pets

What is LOL Surprise Remix Pets series 1?
It is new LOL Surprise pet collection with music-themed toys and part of LOL Surprise Remix 2020 collection .

LOL Surprise Remix Pets series 1 packaging
The package is shaped like a stereo and contains a cassette tape with printed a piece of the text of the new song. LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip pack can be combined with remix pets pack to create a beautiful boombox!

LOL Surprise Remix Pets series 1 toys
There are 12 Party-Pets to collect. Looks inspired by different music styles (Pop, Rock & Roll, R&B and Country). Eah Remix Hairflip pet has it's own musical instrument.

Secret message surprise
Secret message reveals the song lines matching the L.O.L. Surprise song text.

LOL Surprise Remix Pets series 1 release date
New LOL Surprise Pets dolls will be released for preorder in August 2020.

Official retail price: 12.99$

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