LOL Surprise Dance – second wave of neon light dolls

Meet new LOL Surprise dolls for 2021 – LOL Surprise Dance

What is LOL Surprise Dance?
This is second collection of LOL Surprise Lights toys with back light surprises that can be seen under UV lights. First LOL Surprise Lights series was a huge hit and still sells very well. So it is not surprising that the MGA decided to make a second release.

Dolls are packed in cute box with TV design. It looks like old TV with dancer from 80's on screen.

LOL Surprise Dance dolls characters
There are 12 new LOL Surprise characters to collect in second collection. The LOL Surprise Dance doll's names will be added as soon as we will get the checklist for this collection. Dolls are designed in style of dancers from 80's.

LOL Surprise Lights series 2 release date
Spring 2021

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