Monster High My Fangtastic Self: A Guided Journal

Meet one more book release for Monster High fans - Monster High My Fangtastic Self: A Guided Journal.
This hardcover, guided journal is filled with creeperific activities--writing and drawing prompts, quizzes, funny fill-ins, and more--and is the perfect book to pack for a creepover or to give as a gift to your boo.
Release date: September 3, 2024
Price: $12.99
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Monster High My Fangtastic Self: A Guided Journal

Every young monster needs a special boo crew. Because let's face it: school can sometimes be scary--even one as scary fun as Monster High! It can be hard to figure out who you are or where you fit in when you feel like a lone werewolf. But when your classes give you the creeps and you feel totally cursed, you don't have to face it alone. If you've got friends by your side, someone's always around to listen and lend a hand. And they won't even ask for the hand back when you're done with it!

The activities in this journal will help you focus in on how you can be a good ghoulfriend, lift your beasties' spirits, make your boo feel totally fangtastic, and (spoiler alert) do the same things for yourself! Whether you're an expert with frighteningly fab powers or you're tapping into your monstrous side for the first time, good ghoulfriends always have your back. And the pack that plays together, slays together!

This creeperific guided journal includes:

-Writing prompts

-Drawing inspiration


-Funny fill-ins

-Coded messages

-And so much more!

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