Frozen 2 SHOW YOURSELF in real life amazing clip

Frozen 2 has inspired a lot of people. But this video, it's something incredibly beautiful. And the singers' voices, their dresses, the plot of the clips and its scenery are magnificent. There are even little Elsa and Anna in it! And the ice castle in the video actually exists and is located in the Utah.
When we watch this video, we think that's what Frozen 2 would look like in real life.
Iduna: Hali Ducote @hali_bear
Elsa: Traci Hines
Young Elsa (4 yrs.) Cadence Ducote
Young Anna (5 yrs.) Emma Williams
Young Elsa (7 yrs.) Ellie Williams
Young Anna (9 yrs.) Annie Williams
Young Elsa (11 yrs.) Miley Romero @thereal_miley_tinythunder
Young Agnarr: Traci Hines
Anna: Amber Arden @amberarden

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