Over the Moon movie new trailer

A girl named Fei Fei wants to find on the back side of the Moon Goddess, which she learned about from Chinese legends. In addition to the mighty heroine, Fei Fei meets a lot of funny and unusual lunar inhabitants. One of those creatures is a moon-dog named Gobi. In trailer you will also wee Change - the Lunar Goddes itself.

"There has never been a time when this film has been more relevant, or perhaps when the world needed it more,” said producer Peilin Chou. “The themes of Over the Moon, which Audrey portrayed with passion and integrity, are all about opening your heart and learning to accept new things. It tells us that in challenging or difficult times, the answer to almost anything is always love."
Over the Moon will be available on Netflix Friday, Oct. 23.
Wide range of toys will be available starting from the October 1, news coming soon!
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