Miraculous World Ladybug New York intro in Marvel style and Airplane Clip with Majestia and her daughter

Epic intro for epic Miraculous Ladybug New-York Special. As you know, the action in Miraculous World New York will take place in New York City. In the new special we will see a lot of references to the Marvel Avengers. including direct references, references in music and even in the movie's intro. We can see that there are new symbols in addition to the ones we already know! Will they be part of another Miraculous Box?

And also Disney Channel Frnce just posted video about the Miraculous World : New York special. And in this video we can see a full clip from the beggining Miraculous Ladybug New York movie. There we can see Majestia and her daughter (yes, that girl is her daughter) and full team of the Miraculous Superheroes from US.
Here is full version of the video:

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