Miraculous Ladybug Shanghai Lady Dragon special - new poster and new heroines

You may not have known, but season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug was postponed to 2021. But so we don't end up pining for Ladybug and Cat Noir, the series creators promised to show us two special hour episodes. First one is «Miraculous Ladybug New York United Heroez».

Ans second one, that will take place after New York special is «Miraculous Ladybug Shanghai Lady Dragon»

This is official poster of the Miraculous Ladybug Shanghai episode:

Miraculous Ladybug Shanghai Lady Dragon

You may have been intrigued by the posture «Lady Dragon». That's the name of the new heroine and here are some pictures with her.
This is Lady Dragon from the Shanghai episode:

Miraculous Ladybug Lady Dragon
Miraculous Ladybug Lady Dragon

Miraculous Ladybug Lady Dragon

She has long hair, a beautiful red shade, tightened into a high ponytail. She wears an orange suit with a yellow and black suit and an orange mask. And since she has wings, she can fly.

Recently, she's started to appear frequently on the common arts with a Zag Heroes characters.

It also recently became known about another new heroine, which we will see in the Shanghai episode. So far we haven't seen her face, but her costume speaks for the tiger's character.

The release date of the episode is not yet known.

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