Disney Junior Ariel animated series 2024

Disney has greenlit a new animated series for preschoolers - Disney Junior Ariel, based on Little Mermaid story. “Disney Junior’s Ariel” is set to debut on Disney platforms worldwide in 2024.
Coming this Summer!

Teaser trailer

First look at Ursula (Amber Riley) and King Triton (Taye Diggs) in Disney Junior’s Ariel 2024 animated series.
First look at Ursula (Amber Riley) and King Triton (Taye Diggs) in Disney Junior’s Ariel 2024 animated series
First look at Ursula (Amber Riley) and King Triton (Taye Diggs) in Disney Junior’s Ariel 2024 animated series

Ariel will be voiced by Mykal-Michelle Harris.

Disney Junior Ariel animated series 2024

Set in the fantastical Caribbean-inspired underwater kingdom of Atlantica, the series turns on Ariel and her fun-filled, action-packed mermaid adventures with her friends.

Driven by a deep and unending curiosity about the world around her, Ariel discovers land treasures, like a big floppy hat, squeaky rubber ducky and whisk, that she collects and keeps safe in her crystal cavern, the synopsis runs.

The treasures may also help Ariel solve problems. In a play that looks set to charm pre-schoolers, when she makes a discovery, Ariel is filled with joy, and her mermaid tail, “which changes colors depending on her emotions, lights up and shimmers.”

Full of charm, big ideas and a powerful voice, ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel’ is coming into her own, learning how to discover and appreciate the world around her and use her voice to inspire others.

“For more than 30 years, the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ has been beloved by audiences all over the world. It brings me so much joy to be able to introduce our new Disney Junior version of Ariel to preschoolers everywhere”.

“As we were developing ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel,’ we knew that we wanted to create an atmosphere that was vibrant and magical and showcased our young Ariel’s imagination, which, like our preschool audience watching at home, is as big as the sea,” added Alyssa Sapire, senior vice president of development, series and strategy for Disney Junior.

“Disney Junior’s Ariel” is executive produced by Lynne Southerland (“Mulan II,” “Happily Ever After”). Norma P. Sepulveda (“Elena of Avalor”) and Keith Wagner (“TrollsTopia”) serve as story editors. Ezra Edmond (“Disney+ Draw Me a Story”) is producer, Kuni Tomita Bowen (“Dora the Explorer”) its supervising director, and Chrystin Garland (“Solar Opposites”) its art director.
The Caribbean hosts a stunning range of peoples, countries, cultures and landscapes. Picking up on this, the multicultural diversity of the Caribbean is highlighted in the animated series through music, food, festivals, fashion, language and folklore.

Serving as cultural consultant on the series, Dr. Patricia Saunders, professor of English and hemispheric Caribbean studies and director of graduate studies at the University of Miami and author of two books. Sean Skeete, chair of Berklee College of Music’s ensemble department, is the Caribbean music consultant.

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