Always Bratz new animated series on Youtube

Always Bratz new animated series are available now on Youtube! The episodes will appear a little later than on Tik Tok, but you can now watch them on Youtube as well.

Always Bratz episode 4
Sasha helps Yasmin pick out her next pitch outfit, and Yasmin quickly discovers Cloe’s secret game plan. But Yasmin freaks, because she can’t keep secrets!

Always Bratz episode 3
Cloe brings Sasha to a set-up date, claiming it’s a friend of hers and not an app match. After a disaster of a show pitch, Cloe rallies – not with business insight – but by finding Jade a date, too.

Always Bratz episode 2
Sasha rejects Cloe’s offer of a dating app profile. But with her first match, Sasha might be tempted enough to let Cloe run with it...

Always Bratz episode 1

Cloe and Cam are finally a couple, inspiring Cloe to find Jade, Sasha and Yasmin some LOVE, too. She’ll put them on a dating app, even if they don’t know she’s done it! But this is a real distraction when there’s a new Bratz show to develop and pitch!

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