LOL Surprise Family Episode 1

LOL Surprise series are back with Family Episode 1.
When Candylicious gets a new outfit, Emma Emo and Bon Bon want something new too! Lucky for these sisters, it’s a super hot day, and what better way to beat the heat than with a tasty frozen treat? They set up an icy pop shop, and all their friends are stopping by! But oh no, they're almost sold out! Emma and Bon Bon run back to the diner to get more, and Candylicious offers to paint everyone’s nails to match their frozen treats while they wait!

The sisters have so many boxes to carry, and they’re getting tired. Luckily, Skatepark QT stops by and has a creative way to help! Can Emma Emo and Bon Bon get the icy pops back to the pop-up shop before they melt?

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