New LOL Surprise House of Surprises animated series: all episodes

Watch all available for now episodes from LOL Surprise House of Surprises animated series. More episodes are on the way ,to be updated.

New episode 20: Royal Bee’s BIG Decision!

LOL OMG Prince Bee first first appearance.

Episode 19: Candylicious vs. Alt Grrrl

When Royal Bee and Honeylicious announce they are starting their own record label, they want to have their launch party at BB's Diner! Wanting to put together Alt Grrrl's delicious boba tea and Candylicious's amazing comfort food, Honeylicious asks if they can plan the party together. But the problem is, Alt Grrrl and Candylicious don’t get along. Can Candylicious help find some common ground with the sarcastic Alt Grrrl, so these two queens can set create some fabulous treats for the party?

Episode 18: Goldie Twist and Gracie Skates Go Green!

Goldie Twist and Gracie Skates celebrate Earth Day! First appearance of LOL Surprise Teens characters.

Episode 17: Queen Bee Wants Royal Bee To Stay

Royal Bee has invited some of the Queens – Grand Queen, Charm Queen, Study Queen, and Mystery Queen – to tour the House of Surprises. Queen Bee thinks that the Queens are planning to house sit, because Royal Bee is leaving, so Queen Bee has to do something. Queen Bee tries to stop the Queens from staying at the House of Surprises (and keeping her sister at home) by playing pranks on them with the help of M.C. Swag, Diva, Queen Bee, and Countess. But Queen Bee’s tricks don’t exactly go to plan, and she must finally talk to Royal Bee to figure out the misunderstanding.

Episode 16: Queens Gala-to-Go

When Royal Bee, Swag, Neonlicious, and Lady Diva find out Candylicious was not able to go to the Queen's Gala, they bring the Gala-To-Go with Runway Diva, Prism, Sways, and Miss Divine to the House of Surprises! The girls have trouble helping Candylicious keep the diner open, but Candylicious saves the day and shows off her inner queen.

Episode 15: Diva's Birthday Surprise!

It's Diva's birthday and the crew’s pulling out all the stops! Lady Diva has a BIG surprise planned for her little sister, Diva. She invited none other than Lil' Diva's fave queen Splash Beauty to come perform at the House of Surprises! But when Splash Beauty arrives too early, Lady Diva has to make sure Splash Beauty isn't revealed too soon! Can the crew keep Diva from finding out her big birthday surprise?

Episode 14: The Queens' Gala! Part 2 & Music Video!

If Swag skips the Queen’s Gala who will perform Party All ‘Round the World?!
Royal Bee, Neonlicious, and Lady Diva are trying their best to convince Swag that she belongs at the Queens Gala, but nothing’s working! Luckily, Prism knows to call the iconic queens, Sways, Runway Diva, and Miss Divine! But will they be able to help Swag get out of her funk and realize she's a queen in time to perform her fierce song?

Episode 13: The Queens' Gala! Part 1

Episode 12: Sister’s Day!

Episode 11: The Next Big Trend!

Trendsetter, aka Skatepark Q.T.’s BFF, is known for creating new online trends that inspire the world! She's trying to come up with her next big hit, but after so many amazing trends, she's finding it hard to get the creative juices flowing again. Luckily, she’s come to the House of Surprises where everyone is ready to pitch in with ideas. Who will help Trendsetter discover the next big trend? Watch to find out!

Episode 10: Miss Glam's New Year's Eve Surprise!

Episode 9: The Awesome Race!

In this video appear LOL Surprise World Travel tots.

Episode 8: Drama in the Diner!

First appearance World Travel Sunset and City Babe.

And new girl on the cover is Runway Diva from LOL OMG Queens dolls

Episode 7: Neonlicious Has a Secret!

First appearance of LOL OMG Fly Gurl in animated series:
LOL OMG Fly Gurl in episodes
LOL OMG Fly Gurl in episodes
LOL OMG Fly Gurl in episodes

Episode 6: Roller Chick's New Job

Episode 5: The Spooky Sleepover!

Episode 4: The Big Diner Party

Episode 3: Lady Diva Drama

Episode 2: Destination Diner

LOL Surprise dolls now have their own animated series, just like Rainbow High dolls! It is called "House of Surprises", and here is episode one "Royal Bee's Big Surprise":

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