If ponies from My Little Pony were human

Another beautiful humanization for ponies from amazing artist Kilalaaa. She not only drew them very similar to ponies, but also gave them external differences, wich we all have, and wich make us beautiful.
Princess Celestia and Luna are both a mixture of many races, Princess Cadance is Italian, Discord is an ambiguous race, Tirek is African American, Sombra is Spaniard, Chrysalis is Caucasian, Starlight is Caucasian/Korean, Flash is Chinese, Soarin is Caucasian, Sunset is Caucasian, Trixie is Latina.

1. Princess Celestia
Pony Human Princess Celestia

2. Princess Luna
Pony Human Princess Luna

3. Princess Cadance
Pony Human Princess Luna

4. Twilight Sparkle
Pony Human Princess Luna

5. Fluttershy
Pony Human Fluttershy

6. Applejack
Pony Human Applejack

7. Rarity
Pony Human Rarity

8. Rainbow Dash
Pony Human Rainbow Dash

9. Pinkie Pie
Pony Human Pinkie Pie

10. Discord
Pony Human Discord

11. King Sombra
Pony Human King Sombra

12. Queen Chrysalis
Pony Human Queen Chrysalis

13. Tirek
Pony Human Tirek

14. Sunset Shimmer
Pony Human Sunset Shimmer

15. Trixie
Pony Human Sunset Trixie

16. Starlight Glimmer
Pony Human Starlight Glimmer

17. Flash Sentry
Pony Human Flash Sentry

18. Soarin
Pony Human Soarin

19. Scootaloo
Pony Human Scootaloo

20. Sweetie Belle
Pony Human Sweetie Belle

21. Apple Bloom
Pony Human Apple Bloom

22. Diamond Tiara
Pony Human Diamond Tiara

23. Silver Spoon
Pony Human Silver Spoon

Beauty comes in ALL shapes, sizes and colors.

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