New YummiLand animated episodes

New Yummiland dolls and accessories are coming this summer.
MGA is launching a series of new short animated series especially for the release of the dolls. Which premiered on June 1 along with the release of the title song.

Lip gloss powers all around the world activate! It’s time to save yummi, yummi, yummi, YummiLand!
Welcome to Yummiland, where six brave Yummis team up to protect their edible city with their lip gloss superpowers that are activated by magical lip gloss. Just combine flavor and color together with your lip gloss, apply, and mwah! a superpower is born! While one Yummi has the power to fly, another has the power to duplicate herself! And when they discover they can mix their lip gloss flavors together, their powers amplify in unimaginable ways!

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