New Rainbow High Makeup Surprise toys

Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise now is called a Rainbow High Makeup Surprise. New series comes in new gold box.

You can get it here:

Rainbow High Makeup Surprise
Rainbow High Makeup Surprise

Unbox 10+ surprises and create DIY slime with lipstick and lip gloss with Rainbow High Makeup Surprise.
Real makeup for kids. 1 cute, collectible lipstick for kids in a cute shape and 1 lip gloss for kids.
Includes DIY slime powder to create white slime. Make slime, then mix in lipstick and lip gloss to customize your slime and change its texture and color!
Rainbow High Makeup Surprise
Rainbow High Makeup Surprise

Also includes scented pearls filled with colorful glitter and surprise scent. You choose how many pearls to mix into slime to transform your slime again.
Rainbow High Makeup Surprise

Comes in a stylish lipstick package. Use the top of the lipstick package as your mixing bowl, then store slime inside, because top also doubles as slime storage.
Collect 15+ adorable lipstick characters and fabulous DIY slimes. Also includes spoon, measuring cup and collector's sheet

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