Poopsie Fart Jacobs Display Case with 12+ slimes and exclusive Cutie Tootie poopsie toy

Poopsie Fart Jacobs Display Playset is a cool collection case. Perfect for presenting your Cutie Tooties and Poopsie keychains, keeping them safe and taking them with you wherever you go. And it comes with it comes with an exclusive Cutie Tooties figure.
Poopsie Fart Jacobs 2-in-1 Play & Display Case is finally released!

You can get your Poopsie Fart Jacobs Display Case here: https://amzn.to/2Y5DlVd

Poopsie Fart Jacobs Display CasePoopsie Fart Jacobs Display Case

Show off your Poopsie collection with Poopsie fart Jacobs display case.
2-In-1 play and display to display 25+ characters and 12+ slimes.
Includes an exclusive Poopsie Cutie tooties character, poop skin, and slime.
Includes airtight slime storage and unicorn sparkle to customize slime.
Compartments feature magical decor that can be used as a playset as well.
Display Poopsie slime surprise! Keychains, Poopsie sparkly critters and Poopsie Cutie tooties

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