First picture of Tangled The Series season 3 teased Rapunzel new dress and Evil moon Cassandra with Adira’s sword

So here is first official images of Cassandra and Rapunzel in season 3 of Tangled The Series (Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure)

It came from the instagram of Mart Dechatelets, who already deleted this post. But internet never forget, and now we have first look on Rapunzel's new dress from season 3 and picture of Cassandra with Adira's sword (Shadow Blade)!
Rapunzel and Cassandra first picture season 3 Tangled the series

Rapunzel in season 3 Tangled the series, new dress
Rapunzel in season 3, new dress

Cassandra in season 3 with Adira's sword
Cassandra in season 3 Tangled the series with Adira's sword

Interesting fact. This Rapunzel's new dress is similar to the old fanart from the cartoon oficial artist:
Eugene with a beard Rapunzel in season 3 dressEugene with a beard Rapunzel in season 3 dress

Maybe we will see Eugene with a beard in season 3.

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