Panic! At The Disco - Into the Unknown full Elsa's song from Frozen 2. It's is not a second Let it go, it is better!

Panic! At The Disco recorded his version of the Elsa's new song «Into the Unknown» for the Frozen 2 soundtrack. Finally we can here full version of the Into the Unknown and the performance... We have no words. You can listen to this song a million times. But it's hard to sing it on your own as well :).
Disney hit the goal when they chose Panic! At The Disco, this man’s vocal range is huge!
And yes we are getting the full song three weeks before the film's release.

Into the unknown Lyrics
Ah ah oh oh oh
Ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh
Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Ah ah ah ah ah

I can hear you but I won’t
Some look for trouble
While other don’t
There’s a thousand reasons
I should go about my day
And ignore your whispers
Which I wish would go away, ah ah oh oh

You’re not a voice
You’re just ringing in my ear
And if I heard you, which I don’t
I’m spoken for I fear
Everyone I’ve ever loved is here within these walls
I’m sorry, secret siren, but I’m blocking out your calls
I’ve had my adventure, I don’t need something new
I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you

Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Into the unknown!

Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah oh oh

What do you want? ‘Cause you’ve been keeping me awake
Are you here to distract me, so I make a big mistake?
Or are you someone out there who’s a little bit like me?
Who knows deep down I’m not where I’m meant to be?
Every day is a little harder as I feel your power grow
Don’t you know there’s part of me that long to go

Into the unknown?
Into the unknown
Into the unknown

Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
Oh oh oh

Are you out there?
Do you know me?
Can you feel me?
Can you show me?
Ah ah ah ah (x8)

Where are you going?
Don’t leave me alone
How do I follow you

Best comment on youtube:)

Friend: How was your time at school?
Me: ignores him
Friend: can you hear me?

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