Danielle Nicole Rapunzel Tangled bags collection

In September 2020 the dream bags of every Tangled and Rapunzel fan will be released.

And these are bags designed by a Danielle Nicole. You can find already released Disney and Harry Potter -themed bags, designed by Danielle here: https://amzn.to/35gyR2W.
In September, a new collection will be released, including bags dedicated to Disney's Tangled movie. And they are a dream come true.

1. Rapunzel Pan with Pascal Crossbody Purse

Rapunzel Pan with Pascal Crossbody PurseRapunzel Pan with Pascal Crossbody Purse

Can be any item be more iconic to Rapunzel fans? This bag also will have cute small pendant in the form of Pascal.

2. A backpack with Rapunzel drawing

A backpack with Rapunzel drawingA backpack with Rapunzel drawing

3. Rapunzel Wanted Cylinder Crossbody Purse

Rapunzel Wanted Cylinder Crossbody PurseRapunzel Wanted Cylinder Crossbody Purse

We will provide you with you links as soon as bags will be available online.

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