HMD and Mattel announced a Barbie-inspired flip smartphone

HMD, which produced Nokia smartphones, announced a partnership with Mattel at the MWC 2024 event. This is reported by the publication on The Verge.

Together HMD and Mattel plan to release a "girly" smartphone, which will be made in the doll style "Barbie". Prices and specifications of the device are unknown. The design will remain a secret for now.

According to HMD, the smartphone "Barbie" will be presented in the form of "flip phone". That is, it will be a flexible smartphone, similar to the devices of the Samsung Galaxy Flip line. An interviewed representative of the company confirmed that the "HMD Barbie phone" will be presented in the summer of 2024.
HMD and Mattel Barbie-inspired flip smartphone

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