Rainbow High Chamber Playset – new doll set with UV light chamber

Meet new Rainbow High Playset that is part of series 2 collection – Rainbow High Chamber Playset.

What is Rainbow High Chamber Playset?
This is brand new play set in Rainbow High franchise with doll and multiple white fashions. When you put these white outfits in Rainbow High Chamber they will change color under the uv lights.
Bright transformation room Including limited fashion doll Approx. 28 cm tall with many details. Special color changing clothes including doll hair and clothes change color in the chamber (repeatable).

Which doll comes with Rainbow High Chamber Playset?
The exact name is not yet known. But there is information that it will be Rainbow doll. So it could be might be Amaya Rain or Jett Dawson.

Chamber has already been shown in Rainbow High web episode.

Rainbow High Chamber Playset release date
Spring 2021


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