Kindi Kids feature Baby Doll Bubble ‘n Sing Pearl

Kindi Kids Baby Dolls - are the brand new Kindi Kids dolls, that are yonger sisters of regular Kindi Kids dolls.
Kindi Kids Bubble ‘n Sing Pearl is a feature Baby doll for 2021

Moose Toys introduces Kindi Kids’ latest feature baby doll: Bubble ‘n Sing Pearl. Kids ages 3 and up can feed Pearl her tropical ice cream-scented “formula” from her bottle, press her tummy, and watch her blow bubbles, then dry her off with her mermaid towel. Pearl features more than 20 giggle and coo sounds, a bobble head, glittery eyes, colorful rooted hair, and bright clothes and accessories. For more bubble blowing fun, there’s a separate kid-sized bubble wand. Available in August, Bubble ‘n Sing Pearl matches her Kindi Kids Big Sister Pearlina.
Kindi Kids baby doll Bubble n Sing Pearl

More info coming soon
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