2023 Bratz Series 3 dolls: Dana, Fianna, Felicia, Tiana, and Koby

The re-release of the old Brat dolls will continue in 2023 with a new collection of Bratz Series 3 dolls. Characters that are in series 3 are: Dana, Fianna, Felicia, Tiana, and Koby.

Bratz Series 3 Dana doll

Bratz Series 3 Fianna doll

Bratz Series 3 Felicia doll

Bratz Series 3 Tiana doll

First look at Tiana from the 3rd wave of Bratz reproductions
This is a reproduction of Tiana from the 2005 "Welcome to Fabulous" collection.
Unlike the original release, the reproduction has a new face screening.

Bratz Series 3 Koby doll

Price: $26.99
Bratz Series 3 dolls release date: July 2023

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