Soy Luna season 3 trailer with english subtitles

The end of the second season of Soy Luna left us with an open mouth and wanting to know more! We know that the third season of the series will bring a new plot and a lot of intrigue!
However, although even in Spain it is not yet confirmed when it will be released (in Latin America it will be done in April), a new preview of Soy Luna 3 has arrived in our hands.

In it, we can see that Matteo continues to feel strong things for Luna and he no longer hides it! While Luna does not know very well what happens to her: will she feel something for Simon again?

As for Amber, she has gone to the dark side! That will mean more of a confrontation with the boys and Luna.
It seems that the new episodes will come soon. Surely in a few months they are back on the Disney Channel!

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