Secret Crush Pets series 1 toys

Meet brand new toys from MGA - the Secret Crush Pets series 1. The Secret Crush dolls will get pets in 2021!
There are 12 mini characters to collect in Secret Crush Pets series 1. And also there will be 2 Large Secret Crush pets!
You can get Secret Crush Mini Pets here:

Secret Crush Pets series 1
Secret Crush Pets series 1
Secret Crush Pets series 1
Secret Crush Pets series 1

There are 10 Secret Crush Pets in series 1 to collect.
Secret Crush Pets

CUTE MINI PETS: Unbox each Secret Crush Mini Pet to find an adorable mini, sweet-themed pet inside. Will you find a Silly Monkey, a Lolly Fox, or maybe even a Bubblesaurus?
CRUSH TO UNBOX: Remove the outer cover, then CRUSH the heart lollipop packaging to reveal what's inside.
SWEET SURPRISES: Inside, find sweet surprises to unwrap and cute, collectible beads.
BUILD A MINI PET: Unwrap the surprises to find pieces to build an adorable mini pet.
CUSTOMIZE: Each pet has hair or a tail that opens up, so you can customize it with the included beads. And string beads onto the included lanyard to create DIY jewelry.
Price: $7.99

Like dolls, pets will be made in the theme of sweets and candies.
Secret Crush Pets

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