Barbie Cuutopia Plush

Meet new super cute and fancy Barbie Cuutopia Plush toys.
Collectors from US can get it here

Collectors from UK can get 10 inch Barbie Cuutopia plush here:

Collectors from Europe can get 10 inch Barbie Cuutopia plush here:

Barbie Cuutopia Plush
Barbie Cuutopia Plush

Snuggly and stylish, Barbie doll fans can cuddle and story tell with Barbie Cuutopia plush toys!
Each rounded pillow figure is super soft with signature style -the line features the most popular looks from the decades!
Textured elements add to the cuddliness and play -accents like felt bows or sunglasses and an extra-soft, extra-thick ponytail are so fun to touch!

This plush is inspired by Barbie Extra Pink Fancy doll.

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