Barbie Pets Mini Collectible Blind Bag Figures 2024

Barbie Pets Mini Collectible Blind Bag Figures coming soon. Each stylish tote carrier contains not 1, but 2 surprise pet figurines hidden inside blind bags. This series contains a total of 18 figures, including a playful French bulldog wearing Barbie’s wig, a sweet purple ferret, adorable twin Pit Bull Terrier twins, a kitty with a towel on her head, twin parakeets, a hamster in a floatie, and more. Each fuzzy flocked animal friend stands approximately 1.5 inches tall and has a unique style and pose.
Collectors from US can get it here

Barbie Pets Mini Collectible Blind Bag Figures 2024

Includes: 2 mini Barbie pet figurines, 1 blind tote bag carrier, 1 checklist.
Blind Bag Mystery Pet Fun: Barbie Pets Mini Collectible Pet Carriers double the fun with not 1 – but 2 – cute, approximately 1.5-inch figures.
Dogs, Cats, and Adorable Pets: This series of 18 includes lots of animal friends - a spaniel, parakeet twins, a hamster, an Akita, a cute, blue-striped cat, a Frenchie in a wig, a dachshund with Barbie’s shoe, a fantastic purple ferret, twin Pit Bull twins, a Yorkie with heart-shaped sunnies, a bunny, and more.
Twinning at Life: Find special twin parakeet and Pit Bull twins for double the pet fun.
Barbie Pets Are Posed Perfectly: Each pet features a unique style and pose.

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