Barbie Cutie Reveal Color Dreams Series Pet and Accessories toys

Meet new Barbie Colour Reveal pets with a colour dream-inspired theme. Discover a Bunny, Zebra, Penguin or Dalmatian pet. Open the surprise bags and find an even smaller, cuter pet with a carrier that attaches to the 3-inch Cutie Pet. Use the clip to take all the cuteness on the go. Discover even more wow with a colour-change transformation.

With 5 surprises in one set, Barbie Cutie Reveal pets deliver all kinds of fun there's a Bunny, Zebra, Penguin or Dalmatian. Which will you reveal?
- Each adorable pet in this colourful, dream-inspired series wears a plush costume featuring a unique rainbow print and a big heart graphic in the middle.
- Find the mystery bags and open -- there's a 3-inch Cutie Pet figure and a keychain clip, plus a smaller, matching mini pet and a carrier to attach to the larger Cutie Pet!
- Use icy cold water to open the eyes on the Cutie Pet, and warm water to change them back. Repeat again and again!
- Use the clip to attach to backpacks, purses and more and take the set on the road!

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