LOL Surprise Minis - new cute mini LOL pets

Meet new super cute LOL Surprise Minis. Or previously known as Tiny Toys Series 2.
UNBOX 5+ SURPRISES! Unbox a cute, fuzzy animal mini toy that's that's the perfect size for LOL Surprise dolls. Each LOL Surprise Minis is a cute, fuzzy animal that looks like a little stuffed animal.
LOL Surprise Minis

LOL Surprise Minis pets

There are 18 LOL Surprise Minis pets to collect.
LOL Surprise Minis pets

This time you can build a tiny house for your pets. Each pet comes with one item for the rooms and interior. Construct pieces to build a small version of the LOL Surprise House.
LOL Surprise Minis pets

Toy comes with 5 surprises: tiny LOL pet, part of the toy house, sticker for room decor and interior item.
LOL Surprise Minis pets

Pets fits LOL Surprise dolls:

LOL Surprise Minis pets checklist:

Release Date: Dec 1, 2020
Price: $4.99

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