Some important information about Pony Life series from it's art director

MLP Pony LifeMLP Pony Life

Pony Life is new animated show with My Little Pony characters.

The art director of Pony Life answered some questions from the audience.

The most interesting thing:
- This is G4,5 and alternative universe, which has nothing to do with My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls.
- Muffled colors of characters and potions are taken from the line of toys.
- No, the team was not inspired by Teen Titans Go! - they just had to make a cartoon for modern kids. The team only learned about comparing their results with TTG from online comments.
- The pony has gadgets for the reason that today's kids can't imagine the world without them.
- Cutimarks are simplified, because the full design would look strange.
- Yes, the characters now have powers not tied to potions - Pinky Pie explodes, Twilight falls to pieces, Flattershay changes size, Rarity calls for a sofa, Applejack breaks the fourth wall. No mention of Rainbow Dash, but according to the two episodes, she can get on fire? We need to see more episodes to make sure.
- As for the presence of some other characters from G4 and the total number of series - they can not disclose this information.
- They don't know about the release date in the US themselves.

The My Little Pony Amazon store now has design in Pony Life Style -
Pony lifePony life

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