Disney Amphibia runes decoded alphabet

Yes, in the Disney's animated series Amphibia season 2 also appeared code that can be solved.
And a few people already have made attempt at translating the coded runes, here is decoded menu from fermented-writers-block
Disney Amphibia runes

RED signifies the letters that we can be highly certain of from the “CASH ONLY!” Sign and this logically being a menu, BLUE are educated guesses of author, ORANGE is offscreen stuff that might be the correct letter, and WHITE is for the complete unknowns here.
At the top:

In the first column:
“crab legs–10″
“Jerry roll–8″ (for context, the stand owner’s name is Jerry)
“moldy squid stew–12″
“fish to….”
In the second column:
“sticky crab–5″
“extra spicies–7″ (this is what Anne and Polly eat and subsequently exhale)
“onion roll–8″
“fish cake”

And anistarrose also translatted some of the runes.
Already translated as “maps”
Disney Amphibia runes

“cash only”
Disney Amphibia runes

Disney Amphibia runes

“goodbye childhood!”
Disney Amphibia runes

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